Located in Boone, NC, High Country Info has the most extensive listing of accommodations in the region. We feature the finest lodging options in the High Country area!  No matter your requirements, you are certain to find the perfect vacation rental. From simple log cabins to luxurious homes and bed and breakfasts. It's all here.> BROWSE ACCOMMODATIONS
Watauga county is at the heart of the High Country. With a low annual unemployment rate, a major state university, and flourishing ski industry the county's economy is promising. > SEE MORE STATISTICS If you'd like to receive periodic updates about items of interest in the High Country area, like travel specials, fun things to do, etc., then you can get that information via our online mailing list.

High Country Info receives tons of emails asking about listing events that are scheduled to take place in the areas of Boone NC, Blowing Rock NC, Banner Elk NC, Beech Mountain NC , Valle Crucis NC, Avery, Ashe, Watauga, and Mitchell Counties. Be sure to check back often as new events are being added daily.

Our area is constantly growing. Visitors often decide they want to call the beautiful setting of the High Country their home. We have provided an extensive listing of some of the BEST real estate offices in our area. > FIND OUT MORE Check back often as High Country Info is ever changing and growing...Our online guestbook will be available soon!


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